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The Lyke Wake Walk

From Osmotherley to Ravenscar, this Is a complete crossing of the North York Moors along the main east-west watershed between the Stone at grid reference 470994 and the Trig point at 971012, a distance of approximately 40 miles. The essential point is that there is no official route. As long as you start at the start and end at the finish (or indeed start at the finish and end at the start, the walk can be done either way) and keep as far as possible to the high ground, you can follow any suitable route. So in one sense you cannot get lost, you just take an alternative route. That said, there is a recognised way to go and it is described in much more detail in the Lyke Wake Walk guide or on the Lyke Wake Walk Club website: www.lykewake.org/route.php.

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